What is this?

Tokumei is server-side software that provides a simple anonymous blogging service. Once deployed, a Tokumei site allows you to create and browse content anonymously without fear of your activity ever being traced back to you.

Tokumei's backend is written for the most part in Plan 9's rc shell and the front-end makes use of the Materialize web framework.

The static website also makes use of Materialize, and is the home to all software documentation and the Tokumei installation scripts.

How does it work?

Enter a Tokumei site and you'll be greeted by a pleasant interface inspired by Google's Material Design. There are no user accounts, so you can start posting right away. Follow tags to build a personalised feed, and browse recent and trending posts.

Installation and self-hosting

Follow our guides over at


Code is released under the ISC license. See the README for details.


Clone this repository using:

git clone


Many thanks go out to my partner-in-crime Kyle Farwell without whom this project would never have been started.