Yumr web (discontinued)

What is this?

Yumr is an app for foodies; that is, people who love food. Use Yumr to find what to eat wherever you are, whenever. Like what you're eating? Snap a photo and upload it with the Yumr app to share with other food lovers.

Yumr is a start-up from Waterloo, Ontario. I joined the team in February 2016, and specifically worked on the (now discontinued) web platform.

When it existed, the web platform mirrored much of the functionality of the mobile apps, allowing one to browse dishes in a beautiful, multicolumn, card-flow format. Much love was put into it, however it disappeared along with my contributions shortly after I left the team.


Though the majority of Yumr's codebase was proprietary, Yumr used open source tools. Specifically, the web app made use of Materialize CSS, JQuery, and Parse, each under their respective licenses. Yumr also used Google Maps' location API to serve intelligent, location-based content.

All other HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code was written by myself and Geoff Camp.