Hi, I'm Keefer Rourke - a computer science student and full-stack software developer. Welcome to my corner of the Internet! This website serves as a portfolio of some of the work I've done so far. Please take a look around!

me, hacking on a very stickered laptop


Proficient in several programming languages, and familiar with modern design principles, I've been fascinated with mathematics and computing for years. I've even earned some recognition for it.



Some of my most significant projects are available on my projects page. They consist of a wide array of software, including Unix command-line utilities, full-stack web applications, advanced algorithms work, and some silly scripts for kids.



I've worked on several open-source projects over the last few years. From building websites and video games, to repairing PCs and administrating servers, and even founding a company – I've done a lot. Check out my downloadable working résumé.



Golang, C/C++, Python, Bash, Rc Shell, Java, Node.js/JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3.
I work on Unixes and have experience with embedded systems such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

code background


While software development and design is my preferred artform (if it can even be called an art), I also enjoy making visual art as a hobby. I use free tools like the GIMP and Inkscape and maintain one of the most popular icon themes for Linux desktops around.