Below you can find most notable software and artwork that I've worked on in recent years. If you find my work useful, please consider donating to me. I'm a student with empty pockets

Pyapa — APA checker


This is a module for Python3 that checks for common errors and suggests corrections in the APA style for scientific writing.

IFS - The Immediate Feedback System


The Immediate Feed Back System (IFS) is a web application for student programming and essay writing assessment. I helped write it for my 2017 undergraduate research assistantship in my first year at U of Guelph.

angstrom preview


Built in about 4 hours for Terrible Hack Waterloo in November 2016, this prank keyboard randomizes your Android keylayout and destroys random keys on every tap.


This is a puzzle game that was built with HTML5 and JavaScript for the Ludum Dare 36 Game Jam. Play as Ångst-RÖM and fight for software freedom!

Web App

Tokumei is a simple anonymous microblogging platform. The most interesting 300 character messages on the net!
Created with Kyle Farwell.

Yumr web

Web App

Yumr was a web platform for foodies. Yumr web was a companion website that helped you find what to eat, wherever you were, at whatever time. (Discontinued)


This is a call-centre simulation game that was built with HTML5 and JavaScript for the Ludum Dare 33 Game Jam. Provide terrible tech support and earn sweet cash to spend on ePay.

Espeak Sings


Espeak is a (not very well known) very well thought out speech synthesis programme available for GNU/Linux and other operating systems. I thought it might be funny if it sang some songs. This Python script lets it do just that

huffman algorithm visual
Huffman Coding


This school project was an exercise in which I explored how Huffman coding – a method of lossless compression – worked on plain-text files. A similar approach can be taken with other types of data.

Large Number Arithmetic


There are times when an unsigned long long simply doesn't cut it. You need to use numbers that are maybe hundreds of digits in length. This school project is the beginning of a C++ large number arithmetic library, which might be useful if you want to do something like RSA encryption for instance.

La Capitaine promo image
La Capitaine icon theme


La Capitaine is an icon theme designed to integrate with most modern GTK+ Desktops and is inspired by recent macOS and Material Design guidelines. Bring some life to your boring GNU/Linux desktop!

cursor preview
Capitaine cursors


This is an xcursors theme inspired by macOS and based on KDE Breeze, designed to pair well with my icon theme, La Capitaine. Builds are available for GNU/Linux and Windows.

pastel skulls preview
Pastel Skulls


This is a high resolution art project that plays with line and colour – a result of messing around too much in Inkscape.

Avatar Kit


This is an SVG kit for building modern flat avatars for social media, etc. Based on work by Alex Lionne.

19 Oct 2016

A presentation on online anonymity, Tor, and Tokumei – an online anonymous microblogging platform. Talk prepared by Keefer Rourke for the Guelph Coding Community at the University of Guelph, ON, Canada.