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21 Nov 2017

Reflections as an Undergraduate Research Assistant

Over the past year or so I've been fortunate enough to work with a group of really amazing people at the University Guelph. This post summarizes in a high-level overview my experiences working for the University, and how I've grown as a software developer and academic since October of 2016.

17 May 2017

I went to OCE Discovery

No, I am not a business person. Yes, I went to a business conference. This post honestly overviews my experience at one of the biggest Ontario business conferences, and how by some dumb luck I ended up being there.

26 Mar 2017

Gimme your cookies!

This blog post overviews some web security basics, and demostrates how cookies (no, not the snack) can be stolen with less than 10 lines of code.

01 Dec 2016

Experimenting with Ubuntu Touch

Android is pissing me off and I want something new — enter Ubuntu Touch. In this article I explore Canonical's mobile operating system, review some issues and some awesome things, and explain some hacky things you can do for fun.

08 Nov 2016

La Capitaine

La Capitaine, my custom icon theme for Unix desktops, is now the most popular grossing icon theme on GNOME-look!

19 Sept 2016

Gelato Labs

Introducing Gelato Labs, a small, open-source game development lab. We write dumb software so you don't have to (feel free to join us).

22 Mar 2016

XMPP and a little bird

XMPP is a robust, free and open source protocal for instant messaging. Pidgin is pretty and useful client.

02 Feb 2016

Social Media Alternatives

I think social media is at least a little bit evil. Here's why, and what you can do about it.

25 July 2015

I'll huff and I'll puff.

As a part of my high school computer science course work, I studied and implemented the Huffman lossless compression algorithm in a C++ programme, which I dubbed "huffpuff". This blog entry is about that experience. This brief article will function as an introduction to lossless compression algorithms, and go into more specific details about Huffman coding, what it does, and how it was implemented.