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Gelato Labs

19 September 2017

A Quick Introduction

Gelato Labs is a small game development team consisting of myself, Kyle Farwell, Matthew Petry, Peter Brunner, and Phil St. Antoine.

We've made several games including The Inglorious Yet Highly Stimulating Life of an Underpaid Graduate Student, Ångst-RÖM's RAM Page, and our upcoming RPG: Catachresis. As students, we don't really have a development timeline, and contribute whenever we can - for fun.

Games, Sources, and Contributing

All our games, published and in-development, are open source and available to the public. We are excited by contributions from the community, and also by derivatives of our software and art-work assets. We follow the open-source development model because we believe it's the best way to build the best software.

If interested, feel free to contact myself (krourke), or Kyle Farwell (kfarwell) on our XMPP chat, accessible from the links below. We would be happy to have you join our team!