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La Capitaine is now the most popular icon theme!

08 November 2018

That's a bold claim!

Yeah, well... it's true! Over the past four months my pet project has been attracting a fair bit of attention. I remember being excited when the download count passed 100, then 500, 1000... 10 000. Now La Capitaine is the most downloaded icon theme on over a six month period.

top charting products over 6 months on GNOME-lookAs of November 10th, when I checked the chartings, La Capitaine has officially surpassed the long-time champion of GNU/Linux icon themes: Faenza. And I am completely humbled and in awe of it. La Capitaine has well over 20 000+ downloads, and at 19 486 downloads reported in the sidebar on GNOME-Look alone, I couldn't be happier.

I work on this thing whenever I have free time, whenever I need a break from school work, and sometimes when I just need to relax. Putting together something beautiful for an amazing community makes me happy, and I want to thank everyone that has helped to make this happen.

Cheers to free art, and cheers to the free desktop!

UPDATE (2016-11-16):

It would seem that GNOME-Look's download metrics are a bit fudged; the actual project page for La Capitaine reports a significantly higher number than the sticky sidebar on other pages. Nonetheless, at this point the download count is reporting over 28 000 downloads!