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What is this?

This is a simple JavaScript browser game that was built for the Ludum Dare 36 Game Jam. It uses the HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript to render the game.

Why this game?

The theme of LD36 was "Ancient Technology".

Rather than defaulting to a sci-fi game or something about Ancient Egyptians, we wrote a puzzle game about old computers. The game features a fabled operating system called "Gelato" which will only run on ancient, libre/open hardware. (Bye Miley.)


Code is released under the ISC license.
Graphics and audio are CC-BY 4.0 International. See LICENSE for more details.

cc by


Code is copyright © 2016 Keefer Rourke and Kyle Farwell.

Graphics, narration audio, and sound effects are copyright © 2016 Matthew Petry.

Dialogue text is copyright © 2016 Phil St. Antoine, Matthew Petry and Keefer Rourke.

Music by Theo de Raadt.