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Typing is hard. We all know how difficult it is to press the right keys in the right combinations at the right times. It's a true skill and it takes a lot of effort and coordination to do it effectively.

This application abuses the Android Keyboard API and takes advantage of Java array decay to be extremely annoying. On every keypress, the keyboard layout is randomized and a key is removed. Fun.

Why would you make such a thing?

This is a terrible soft-keyboard for Android devices, appropriately written for Terrible Hack Waterloo. Between 4 and 8 hours of work went into this thing, but we weren't really keeping track. Yeah, we were probably distracted by memes. Yeah, we were definitely distracted by shawarma.

Our submission on DevPost is here.



If you need to reset the key layout to the default QWERTY mapping, then you need to temporarily change input methods to a different keyboard, then change back. Alternatively, rebooting should do the trick .

did you try turning it off and on again? IT Crowd GIF


Keefer Rourke: Worked out logic, figured out how to abuse the keyboard

Feilan Jiang: Taught me basic Java, set up the base project

Bartlomiej Chrząszcz: Forked and modified a keyboard GUI

Eugene Wang: Abused my phone


This project is licenced under the WTFPLv2. See the LICENSE file for more details.

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