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Espeak sings


What is this?

This is a simple (but amusing) Python script that fetches song lyrics from the internet and feeds them to the speech synthesis programme espeak.

Currently Espeak Sings only supports as the lyrics provider, but support for alternate providers may come later if I decide to make changes to the lyrics fetcher (which consists of a basic URL resolver and HTML parser).


Espeak Sings requires Python 2.7 and the espeak-python library to work properly. It also makes use of urllib which is included in most Python installations.

What's new?

Initial release. Future releases probably won't happen.


The sleep timer is an ugly work around to make espeak do its thing. It results in a 5 minute silence after espeak finishes, and limits songs to 5 minutes in length.


This script is free software and is distributed under the permissive WTFPL version 2. See COPYING for more details.