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Stegamsg — Steganographic Messaging

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What is Stegamsg?

stegamsg is a "steganographic" messaging platform. It allows users to communicate discreetly and anonymously, through the use of image steganography (the practise of concealing messages within images).

How does it work?

stegamsg discreetly manipulates the least significant bit of innocuous images (read: memes) to encode text messages within PNG bytestreams. This slightly modifies the colours of pixels within the image, but not to an extent where its noticeable to the human eye. Using this technique, data is encrypted, encoded, and transferred over the network contained within an image.


stegamsg presents a familiar messaging interface. It's designed to be discreet, such that to passersby, a stegamsg user may simply appear to be trading memes with friends.

Hovering over the images in the chat UI briefly displays the message in a tooltip.


Images are pulled from a database and delivered to clients so that clients may encode their messages locally. Clients send their steganographic message back to the server, which disseminates the message to the appropriate channel. The server does not retain messages that have been sent by users.