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The Inglorious Yet Highly Stimulating Life of an Underpaid Graduate Student

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What is this?

This is a simple JavaScript browser game that was built for the Ludum Dare 33 Game Jam. It was written with the HTML5 Canvas, Javascript and JQuery.

Why this game?

The theme of LD33 was "You are the Monster".

Inspired by our net connections cutting out right after the theme was announced, and some pretty monstrous times with my ISP's phone support, we made a game where you provide terrible tech support to innocent civilians for sweet cash. You monster.

Ratings (out of 2725)

The rating system for the Ludum Dare is cool – you have to play other people's submitted games in order to increase your ranking and make it more likely that others will play and rate your own game.

I think we were pretty lazy when it came to playing the other 2724 game submissions, but as far as I'm concerned we did well.

By category:

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#44 #126 #309 #380 #381 #618 #811 #378


Code is released under the ISC license. Graphics and audio are CC-BY 4.0 International. See the COPYING document for more details.

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Code is copyright © 2015 Keefer Rourke and Kyle Farwell.

Graphics are copyright © 2015 Matthew Petry and Peter Brunner.

Audio is copyright © 2015 Matthew Petry.

Special thanks to Dilbert/Scott Adams for dialogue text.