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What is Tokumei?

Tokumei is an anonymous microblogging platform that is easy to self-host and administrate. Everything about Tokumei is simple, from the interface, to the code-base. Once deployed, a Tokumei site allows you to create and browse content anonymously, without fear of your activity ever being traced back to you.

Tokumei's backend is written for the most part in Plan 9's rc shell and the front-end makes use of the Materialize web framework.

The static website also makes use of Materialize, and is the home to the extensive software documentation and Tokumei installation scripts I've written.

How does it work?

Enter a Tokumei site and you'll be greeted by a pleasant interface inspired by Google's Material Design. There are no user accounts, so you can start posting right away. Follow tags to build a personalised feed, and browse recent and trending posts.

From the server side, everything is implemented using werc, rc, and cgi. From an admin standpoint, you could see it as a bunch of scripts that you let run in the background with minimal intervention.

Installation and self-hosting

Tokumei is designed to be extremely easy and, failing that, it is extremely well documented. Follow one of the guides over at depending on your site needs.

Security is also at the forefront of the design, and if you choose to use of the installation scripts for a Debian server, you'll be set up automagically with an HTTPS website that's ready to share with the community.


Code is released under the ISC license. See the README for details.


I redesigned the Tokumei logo in April 2017, taking into account some marketing advice from Lynn Nichols of X Intellectual Property. The new logo assets are available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 Internation License, and can be downloaded here.


Incepted November 2015, Tokumei has been a pet project of mine for nearly two years so far. The software is actively maintained by myself, and my friend Kyle Farwell who first had the idea for the project in his basement by the soft glow of his Thinkpad ThinkLight™.

Tokumei is heading to the OCE Discovery conference at the MTCC in Toronto, ON from 15-16 May 2017. We're looking for funding and support, so we can make anonymous media awesome.


Clone this repository using:

git clone


Many thanks go out to my partner-in-crime Kyle Farwell without whom this project would never have been started.