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eNuk: using mesh technology to support climate change monitoring


About 2018IMW

The Indigenous Mapping Workshop is an annual conference held in major cities around Canada for the purposes of training, educating, and impowering indigenous peoples and projects with a focus on GIS technology and mapping. The 2018IMW was held in Montréal, QC for four days from August 20-23.

Territorial Acknowledgement

It is important to acknowledge that the University of Guelph resides in the ancestral and treaty lands of the Attawandaron people and the Mississaugas of the Credit.

We also acknowledge that Left Inc. resides on the ancestral lands of the Katzie, and Lummi people.

This talk was delivered on the ancestral lands of the Mohawk, Abenaki, and Haudenosauneega people.

Finally, this work would not be possible without the contributions and guidance of the Inuit of Nunatsiavut, without whom this project would not exist.

About the talk

The eNuk development team from the University of Guelph School of Computer Science, and their partners at Left Inc. were invited as keynote speakers for the conference, and delivered this talk at 09:00 on Wednesday 22 Aug 2018.

We began with Dr. Daniel Gillis introducing our lab group and explaining the inspiration and development of the eNuk health and environmental monitoring application. Next, Nic Durish explained some of the unique problems that the community of Rigolet, Nunatsiavut faces and how the digital divide is preventing these problems from being addressed. Lastly, I explained how our team is partnered with RightMesh to integrate mobile mesh networking into the eNuk application and how this technology can be used to improve and extend connectivity without additional infrastructure.


This talk was presented with and on behalf of Dr. Daniel Gillis, Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo, Dr. Sherilee Harper, Dr. Jason Ernst, Oliver Cook, Fraser Seymour, Keefer Rourke, Alexandra Sawatzky, Jacqueline Middleton, David Borish, Amy Kipp, Inez Shiwak, Charlie Flowers, Michele Wood, & The Rigolet Inuit Community Government.

RightMesh logo and illustrative protocol graphics courtesy of RightMesh AG and Left Inc.

This project would not be possible without our active community and funding partners: Nunatsiavut Government, Rigolet Inuit Community Government, University of Guelph, Memorial University Labrador Institute, CIRA, CIHR, RightMesh AG, Health Canada, Polar Knowledge Canada, and NSERC.