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Rethinking Firefox I/O: The 2020 Edition

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About this presentation

Mozilla interns are expected to present their work at the end of each work-term in a series of lightning talks. These presentations offer a platform to announce cool and important changes to the organization, and to the world. The majority of these talks are available to stream at AirMozilla.


Over the summer of 2020, I interned remotely with the (mostly Toronto-based) Firefox performance team. As Firefox undergoes a significant architecture change (Project Fission), the performance team was motivated to look at replacing the old JS-based OS.File module, which drives the majority of file operations during Firefox runtime. In this talk, I overview the history of file I/O in Firefox over each iteration of the browser architecture, and announce the introduction of a brand-new, efficient, native file interface which is fission-ready.

Note about the recording

With permission from the Mozilla university team and from the Firefox performance team, I've made this talk recording available to the public outside of AirMozilla. While there was a short question period after my talk, unfortunately it is not included in the recording that was provided to me.